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      « Sleeping » or « latent » viruses! Who is responsible for our next pandemics and how to stop them

      « Sleeping » or « latent » viruses! Who is responsible for our next pandemics and how to stop them

      Whether dormant or latent, these viruses are very much alive and they will be the next responsible for pandemics.
      These pandemics will delight big-data and big-pharma.
      So let’s say stop these new pandemics, because we are the only ones responsible for their return.

      Prof. Salim Djelouat
       Prof. in medical and biomedical analyzes 
      Certified medical expert in medicine, health and well-being - Ooreka - Paris

      What I suggest you read in this publication

      I – Before starting our subject, a question torments me, was this pandemic known as –Covid-19, predictable?
      II – What are latent infections?
      III – How to prepare to fight against these “big”
      1 – What are the viruses to watch (in absolute priority) and why?
      1.1 – Why RNA viruses?
      1.2 – Why retroviruses?
      1.3 – Why the West Nile?
      2 – Other viruses to watch closely and even very closely
      3 – Beware of the return of certain « disappeared » or eradicated diseases?
      IV – Can we put an end to the emergence of new viruses?
      1 – How to terminate?
      V – In conclusion
      VI – To go deeper into the subject

       – Before starting our subject, a question torments me, was this pandemic known as –CoViD-19, predictable?

      The answer is  yes.
      The 2008 report of the National Intelligence Committee, mentioned the risk of a « virulent respiratory disease, new and very contagious and in which there would be no treatment » .
      President Obama himself would have mentioned this risk?
      In 2018, Bill Gates at the Massachusetts Medical Society conference spoke of « a possible next global catastrophe, which would take the form of a pandemic, the causative agent of which will be a highly virulent and rapidly spreading virus that the world does not believe in. would not be ready to face it ”.

      How does an informed world know not prepared?
      An American president, who evokes the possibility of a future pandemic and a financial spawn and nothing has been done?
      Why ?
      We will never have the answer or if, prepare vaccines and treatments (money just for business).

      What if everything has already been done?
      Yes, everything is already done?

      What is currently published concerning – CoViD-19 – in the so-called “scientific” or “reference” literature is unreasonable.
      The scientific literature of all times is under the control of big data and big pharma.
      Big data , publishes and authorizes publications that highlight the financial interests of big pharma.
      Big pharma , takes care of controlling our health by the production of drugs (and vaccines) which pay big and which have no « positive » effect on our health.
      The heads of state of the so-called « advanced » countries are complicit in these plots against « free » researchers, and this is at stake in our health.
      Their interests are to have percentages on the profits and a job after they leave power.

      II – What are latent infections?

      The virus, whether RNA or DNA, is found inside the host (in the host’s cells).
      This virus will not replicate itself and therefore does not cause any disease for a very long time, even several years.
      During this “latency” or asymptomatic period, the virus is transmissible from person to person.
      The reactivation of this virus becomes possible, just a triggering factor is enough (immunosuppression * for example).
      * Immune deficiency, insufficiency of the body’s natural means of defense… .

      III – How to prepare to fight against these « big »

      First, starting to monitor the emergence of certain viruses.
      This is the role that falls to the WHO, on the sole condition that the latter will not be at the mercy (or accomplice) of big pharma and certain so-called “economic” powers.
      The so-called pandemic by the influenza virus A / H1N1v is there to remind us, with the production of vaccines (without effects) and want to give tamiflu to the world population.

      1 – Which viruses to watch out for (absolute priority) and why?
      What to watch out for – based on my analyzes :

                RNA viruses
                 Retroviruses (DNA viruses)
                 West Nile virus

      1.1 – Why RNA viruses?
      RNA viruses are viruses with rapid and high mutations.
      The most dangerous remain the coronaviruses (CoV), because they have the longest genome (more than 29,800 nucleotides), and as a result genetic mutations are facilitated.
      Their RNA therefore undergoes transformations and errors and is unable to identify and correct these errors.
      This inability to spot and correct their errors makes them very easy to spread in populations, unlike DNA viruses, which have the ability to spot and correct errors and therefore preventing them from spreading quickly.

      The main viruses to watch out for are:

           – SARS (SARS-CoV) (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome – Corona Virus) 

           – SADS-CoV ( Severe Acute Diarrhea Syndrome – Corona virus)

      Two other viruses deserve special attention:

           – SARS-like WIV1-Cov – Coronavirus SHC014 (This hybrid virus can infect human respiratory cells.)

      1.2 – Why retroviruses?
      Special case of DNA viruses.
      Retroviruses have a high rate of mutation.
      This can be the cause of a new pandemic.
      Fortunately, all DNA viruses do not have a high rate of mutations.

      1.3 – Why the West Nile ?
      For the simple reason that it is an emerging virus.
      Responsible for West Nile fever.
      Its transmission is through a mosquito.
      This virus is currently present on several continents: Africa, Europe, America…
      It is responsible for several epidemics.

      Beware of a sudden return of a pandemic.

      2 – Other viruses to watch closely and even very closely  

           – The threat of Chikungunya 
           – Nipah virus (Belonging to the same class as the Ebola and Marburg)  
           – The Marburg virus
           – fever Crimean-Congo
           – Lassa fever
           – Infection virus Zika  Disease X
           – named by WHO , as a pandemic which can occur with an « unknown » virus 

      – Beware of the return of certain “disappeared” or eradicated diseases?

           – The return of smallpox – The return of measles

      IV – Can we put an end to the emergence of new viruses?

      Putting an end to the emergence of new viruses is to put an end to epidemics.
      In reality, there are no new viruses, there are only viruses that mutate.
      Or forgotten viruses that come back to colonize us.
      The mutation is due to a coding error at the nucleic acid level, viruses have the capacity to correct this error, but it happens that the mutation is rapid and the virus can no longer « control itself », for example viruses with RNA and some DNA viruses.
      But in all this upheaval in virus coding, humans are solely responsible.

      1 – How to terminate?

      To put the emergence of new viruses and stop epidemics, we must take courageous measures, these measures are:

      • A total brake on deforestation, which will prevent the emergence of new viruses, and therefore new epidemics.
      • Fight against Global warming
        Global warming is responsible for the melting of glaciers and polar ice caps.
        This melting glaciers can release new viruses that have been frozen for millennia.
      • Preservation of flora and fauna
      • Strict control over the food industry (junk food) and other industries
      • International trade must undergo new laws, recommendations
      • Preservation of human and animal health
      • And above all to boost the individual’s immunity by eating healthy and seasonal foods.

      Pasteur said it so well: the microbe is nothing, everything is linked to the ground

      Point of philosophy
      And draw lessons from the impacts of past pandemics and especially the one we are currently experiencing.

      V – In conclusion

      The covid-19 pandemic will have a positive impact on the entire globe and will be the source of total change in the revolutions to come: industrial, economic, ecological, health.

      Only the Arab-Muslim countries will remain in their confinement (here it is) and will continue in the race to who will build the largest mosque?
      Sad world.

      Religion will never save the world from catastrophes, pandemics, only the countries which have learned the lessons from this pandemic, will dominate the world.

      VI – To better explore the subject







      Prof. Salim Djelouat
      Prof. in medical and biomedical analyzes
      Certified medical expert in medicine, health and well-being – Ooreka – Paris
      Scientific author, lecturer
      Webmaster and blogger

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      Salim Djelouat

      Pr. Salim Djelouat Professor Medical Analyses and Medical bacteriology / Scientific Author / France & New York, USA Professor of Bio-Clinical Webmaster, blogger Medical Expert certified Author and scientist Author


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