The “demonstrated” efficacy of the measles vaccine VS CoViD

The “demonstrated” efficacy of the measles vaccine VS CoViD

Since March 03, 2020, I am making an appeal for the anti-measles vaccination to be generalized to the entire world population, in order to stop the pandemic – CoViD- or at best slow it down and get rid of it.
Read my article: CoViD – 19 – The main thing is the essential – – dated 03/03/2020 at 6.30 p.m. on my site :  » « , « … that only the anti-measles vaccine can stop the spread of the virus and put an end to this pandemic, from which only the rich benefit and more especially the big pharma and certain rulers (of which they are preparing their departure in order to subsequently have key positions in these “same” laboratories…) ”.

This proposal (for measles vaccination) was inspired by the observation that children were not contaminated with CoViD-19, and therefore with SARS-CoV-2.

We now know that infants under the age of 1 can be infected with SARS-CoV-2.

We can ask ourselves a question : Why?

The answer is simple  :
These infants are not yet vaccinated with the measles vaccine.
Clear, crisp and precise.

Regarding the contamination of under 18s , one or two answers can be given:
« These young people either have never received an anti-measles vaccine, or have not had a booster to this vaccine ».
At this age group, Catch up on measles vaccination.

My call went unheeded –

My appeal has gone unheeded, because it goes, on the contrary, in the interests of Big-Pharma and of all the people who invest in new vaccines, the WHO and certain presidents and rulers of certain countries.
Their goal is enrichment and nothing but enrichment.

About these vaccines:
If these hastily prepared vaccines really protect, then why ask vaccinated people to continue to follow anti-CoViD recommendations?
Why do 1 or 2 reminders and today we speak of a 3 rd reminder.
And I am certain, be called a 4 th reminder and perhaps more.

The prices of vaccines have just gone up.

Read my different articles on my site:

Other things 
People who have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 have an immunological memory vis-à-vis this virus and therefore are protected (immunity), unlike people who are vaccinated.
The latter do not have any immunological memory, and therefore are not protected or very poorly protected.

Current studies say the opposite, from what I wrote (Big Data).

Read my article: Anti CoViD vaccination! Potential vaccination failure or success? The question is asked

My wishes –
Let’s hope for an awareness and that only the interest of the world population will pass.
Big-Pharma will always be enriched with the anti-measles vaccine (more than 7 billion who will be vaccinated).
In addition, the measles vaccine will be well accepted because it does not contain aluminum or other controversial substances.

The ball is in your camps, decision-makers of all stripes.
Nobody wants to follow us in this approach: – To us the country sounds by WHO addiction – OM S is under the control of Big Pharma – Big P harma is under the control of Big Data   – Big Data in the dependence on Big Pharma donors – The donors are dependent on Bill and Melina Gates and their allies.  Bill and Mélina Gates and their allies , are dependent on money

How to win against this smalla? 

I blame my country and the leaders of other countries, 
say no to Big Pharma.

An average citizen

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