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      Omicron – The new threat that will enrich Big Pharma and ridicule the rest of the world – Pi and Rho will be the next variants

      Omicron – The new threat that will enrich Big Pharma and ridicule the rest of the world – Pi and Rho will be the next variants

      The El Dorado of profiteers and hypocrites of all stripes
      The prayer of Big Pharma and WHO: glory to you oh, Omicron

      Prof. Salim Djelouat
      Prof. in medical and biomedical analyzes
      Scientific author, lecturer
      Webmaster and blogger

      After having laid a vaccine (vaccines) without any effect on health: no immunological memory, therefore no protection , the WHO (organism at the boot of Big Pharma and especially Bill Gates), Big Pharma (always him) , the rogue rulers and scientific committees without personality (paid by Big Pharma) and after having properly replenished their coffers, here they are now creating another panic for us.

      With CoViD 19, a programmed pandemic – See my article ( http://salimdjelouat.com/2021/07/23/covid-19-la-pandemie-programmee/ ),

      the leaders panicked, the WHO exceeded, it was necessary to appeal to Big Pharma and their head Bill Gates, in order to produce a so-called vaccine that will put an end to this pandemic.

      This was done by the creation of vaccines made by a new approach of messenger RNA – (mRNA) and other approaches .

      This technique (by messenger RNA) has been used since 1985 to develop a vaccine against the Ebola threat.

      The Ebola threat was not interesting (because it concerned at the time 3 or 4 African countries), the approach of a vaccine by this technique was abandoned.

      And the windfall is presented with a (programmed) pandemic that will affect the entire planet.

      Why not come and put scientists (who have only the name) and gullible rulers to sleep by creating a vaccine with a new approach and putting an end to this pandemic.

      But, a vaccine is supposed to protect by immunological memory and must meet standards and feasibility criteria.

      see my article  – http://salimdjelouat.com/covid-19-les-bons-choix-dun-vaccin/ .

      And , by a sleight ride, Big Pharma has achieved its objectives ( besides these vaccines are still studying the 3 rd development phase ).

      With the complicity of the WHO, these vaccines were marketed and purchased even before their production ( which has never been done before ).

      These purchases of vaccines before they were put on the market drove up the shares of laboratories, for example: with the announcement of Pfizer’s vaccine and its so-called effectiveness, in Europe the CAC 40 gained 7.57% and the ‘EuroStoxx 50 6.36%.

      Pfizer’s revenue jumped 30% from 2018.

      Even the confinement (imposed) made the actions of very large groups jump.

      See my article – http://salimdjelouat.com/2021/12/01/aappel-a-loms-et-aux-gouvernants-roublards-gestionnaires-principaux-de-cette-pandemie-qui-perdure-et-qui- will set /

      The rulers of so-called advanced countries have become laboratory doggies, signing a disclaimer of adverse effects on the health of their fellow citizens, which has never been done.

      Truly baseness has reached its lowest point.

      As I wrote above, these vaccines in a hurry and whose objective is an inflow of money, and which do not create any immunological memory, the laboratories ( with the complicity of the WHO whose credo is money than money ), have imposed a multiple-dose vaccination?

      1 , 2 , 3 and even 4 , 5 and we do not know where it will end.
      It is no longer vaccination, but immunotherapy or acupuncture.

      WHO responded and for the first time please, with a recommendation not to the 3 rd dose ( l to France and Germany have reacted negatively to the WHO recommendation ).

      The rulers to put an end to the legitimate demands of their people have found a solution, confinement.

      Confin to lock up the people.

      But the containment as it was done and proposed did not give the expected solutions, stop or at best slow down the spread of the pandemic.

      We gave the strategy of containment, unfortunately this was not applied by the rulers and the recommendations of Big Pharma.

      Our containment strategy, will stop the spread of the pandemic and will have negative effects on Big Pharma (entry point for money).

      See my article  – http://salimdjelouat.com/covid-19-comment-la-stopper-ou-au-mieux-ralentir-sa-propagation-nos-solutions/

      The governments which bought for millions of euros a vaccine without beneficial effects on health, could not do better than to impose it on its population (go back a little and this memorize the pandemic with H1N1v, or millions of Doses of purchased vaccines were thrown away and along with Tamiflu – at that time I had written and denounced this strategy of vaccination and misuse of Tamiflu -).

      Making the same mistake again was not at all thinkable, so you have to use the vaccines you have bought and the best way is to inject them into your population.

      The population (smarter than the people who govern it) rejected this vaccination, which was then imposed on them by these rogue and hypocritical rulers.

      Imposing a vaccination was not enough, we have to go further, so we imposed
      a health pass (passport).
      A passport to travel in his own country,
      unheard of (in time of war yes),
      moreover the French president had  »  we are at war  « .

      At war with whom  ? 
      A virus or against its population?
      I think it’s crystal clear, against its people.

      And the weapon used is nothing more than a vaccine with no protective effect.

      And,  all the countries of the world, have followed the ridiculous: to be at war against its population .

      The reluctance to vaccinate began to grow, people who received a dose refuse a second dose and those who received two doses refuse a third dose and then we moved to wanting to impose vaccination on children and there, it risks leading to uncontrolled movements against the rulers, we do not play with the health of children.

      As long as there is an awakening of the WHO, of certain leaders who have become reluctant to vaccination and to the imposed doses since the pandemic is still there, Big Pharma will find itself in the straw, so how to do to cash flow, more and more.

      The solution has been found : to create (by any sort, even with a lie and a complicity) a new variant that will be more contagious than the Delta variant.
      More contagious than the Delta remains an understatement and a lie.

      When I say create, yes we create variants (mutation), see my article  –


      And Omicron is born and please where? In Africa .
      Why Africa ?
      Because, it is the only continent that is poorly vaccinated
      the only continent where the pandemic has not spread to other continents –
      Europe and America in particular.
      And , miraculously Omicron is more contagious than Delta.

      The WHO in its decadence had not said that the Delta is more contagious than SARS-CoV-2 (the mother virus).

      And as if by a second miracle, it is Pfizer and J & J , who will work to improve their vaccine to respond to this new mutant.

      This means that other vaccines produced by other laboratories will have no effect and alone, these two « scammers » will have a monopoly on vaccination in the world.

      For the record and to rogues of all kinds:

      We are currently experiencing and on December 2, 2021 a pandemic whose culprit is the Delta variant.

      The strategy of Pfizer and J J and of course, the other laboratories –

      Keep the same vaccine, just maybe improve the packaging and the texture and sell it as a new vaccine (actually as a dose that will follow up on what has been done: 1, 2 or 3 or even 4, 5 and more).
      Moreover, they say  » more effective  « , which implies that their first vaccine is not effective.
      We are being prepared to receive another dose of vaccine (from their first vaccine).
      Games are made.

      The danger is to impose it on children with the complicity of rogue rulers and scientific committees which have only the name and without forgetting the WHO.

      So  : multi-dose vaccination, confinement, health pass…; return to our starting point.

      For what solution?

      The solution to end or at best stop this pandemic created by unconscious people has been exposed in my various articles since January 2020.

      All the solutions are good, all avenues must be explored in order to put an end to this pandemic.

      Gentlemen of the WHO, gentlemen of the scientific committees, gentlemen of peoples’ leaders, you have accepted that of vaccines (the race for vaccines), vaccines which give no immunological memory, and therefore no protection.
      So accepted what I am going to offer you.

      Get us vaccinated with the measles vaccine and we will end this pandemic.
      Children are proof of this resistance to this pandemic.

      See my articles:

      – http://salimdjelouat.com/2021/12/01/aappel-a-loms-et-aux-gouvernants-roublards-gestionnaires-principaux-de-cette-pandemie-qui-perdure-et-qui-seternisera/

      – http://salimdjelouat.com/2021/08/05/lefficacite-demontree-du-vaccin-anti-rougeole-vs-covid/

      – http://salimdjelouat.com/2021/07/30/aux-gestionnaires-de-cette-pandemie-et-plus-particulierement-a-loms/

      So, the decision-makers of our health, our life, our freedoms, what are the solutions that you are going to take?

      Depending on Big Pharma and profiteers from all sides or taking the solution that will give me positive results or at best, will have allowed us to receive a booster dose of the measles vaccine.

      We don’t lose anything, we win.

      By the way, those who are really going to win, those are always the laboratories which will produce more than 7 billion doses of anti-measles vaccines.

      What Omicron brought back that was positive:

       This is because the anti-CoViD-19 vaccines produced and used are ineffective and do not create any immunological memory.

       Truth and incapacity exposed:

                – The inability of the WHO to manage this pandemic.

                – The cunning of incompetent rulers who wage war on their own people: impose vaccination, confinement, health pass and so on.

               – And to certain rulers for having invested in the creation of a vaccine factory, only lost money instead of going to invest in the manufacture of influenza or anti-measles vaccines.

       Omicron has proven us right in all of our writings.

      Too bad the managers did not take into account what we published.

      What do we know about Omicron so far?

      No death attributable to this variant has yet been reported worldwide.

      To conclude 

      Omicron is just a winter virus and the WHO wants us to believe it is a variant.

      The WHO credo, money and nothing but money, fill our coffers.

      If you do not apply what I have proposed, anti-measles vaccination we will have by April-May the appearance of the π (Pi) and ρ (Rho) variants .

      As for Pi , I think that one will never go away (like those decimals, even though it’s not the same pronunciation).

      Prof. Salim Djelouat
      Prof. in medical and biomedical analyzes
      Certified medical expert in medicine, health and well-being – Ooreka – Paris
      Scientific author, lecturer
      Webmaster and blogger



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      To modifyOmicron – The new threat that will enrich Big Pharma and ridicule the rest of the world – Pi and Rho will be the next variants

      Salim Djelouat

      Pr. Salim Djelouat Professor Medical Analyzes and Medical bacteriology / Scientific Author / France & New York, USA Professor of Bio-Clinical Webmaster, blogger Medical Expert certified Author and scientist Author



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      Salim Djelouat

      Pr. Salim Djelouat Professor Medical Analyses and Medical bacteriology / Scientific Author / France & New York, USA Professor of Bio-Clinical Webmaster, blogger Medical Expert certified Author and scientist Author


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