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      CoViD- 19, the programmed pandemic

      CoViD- 19, the programmed pandemic

      This chapter (enriched) is taken from my article  » The » dormant « or » latent « viruses! Those responsible for our next pandemics and how to stop them ”, published June 20, 2020 at 4:00 p.m., on my site  : salimdjelouat.com , whose link is  : http://salimdjelouat.com/les-virus-dormants-ou- latent-those-responsible-for-our-next-pandemics-and-how-to-stop them /

      One question torments me,
      Was this pandemic known as –CoViD-19, predictable?
      The answer is yes .

      The 2008 report of the National Intelligence Committee, mentioned the risk of a  » virulent respiratory disease, new and very contagious and in which there would be no treatment « .
       President Obama himself would have mentioned this risk?
       In 2018, Bill Gates at the Massachusetts Medical Society conference spoke of «  a possible next global catastrophe, which would take the form of a pandemic, the causative agent of which will be a highly virulent and rapidly spreading virus and which the world would not be ready to face it ”.
      How does an informed world know not prepared?
      An American president, who evokes the possibility of a future pandemic and a financial spawn and nothing has been done?
      Why ?
      We will never have the answer or if, prepare vaccines and treatments (money just for business).

      What if everything has already been done?
      Yes, everything is already done?

      By manipulations of communication
      and taking power over the human being
      (I would rather say over the leaders of the countries)

      This strategy is called –
      ′ ′ problem – reaction – solution ′ ′ +  »  distraction  » 

      Create a problem (this problem must be mastered by its initiators).

      Then wait for the reaction (reactions) of the public authorities, people, institutions, even go and check their reactions.

      Then bring back solutions ; come up with solutions that will only help the creators of the problem.

      This is what emerges from this pandemic, which was thought out, programmed and in which the initiators of the problem did not forget another factor, which we call distraction or at best distract the people, the rulers. real economic issues.

      Today (during this pandemic)
      it is only the rich who are getting richer.

      What is currently published concerning – CoViD-19 – in the so-called “scientific” or “reference” literature is unreasonable.
      The scientific literature of all times is under the control of big data and big pharma.

      Big data
      Publishes and authorizes publications that highlight the financial interests of big pharma.

      Big pharma
      Takes care of controlling our health by producing drugs (and vaccines) that pay off big and that have no “positive” effect on our health.

      In the midst of the CoViD-19 pandemic, it is singled out for its lack of responsiveness.
      This organization is responsible in the logic of protecting the world population from health risks (epidemics, pandemics, etc.).
      Its financing should logically be made only by the countries of the world as long as it acts for the interest of their population.
      It turns out that only 20% of its funding comes from member states and the rest or 80% comes from private funding.
      With this pandemic (predictable), we notice that the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation finances this organization at 9.4% of the budget.

      Read above that mister bill Gates predicted a pandemic.

      Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, is funding WHO to the tune of $ 158 million.
      As a reminder (Gavi, the vaccine alliance) is an international organization created in 2000 in the form of a partnership of the public and private sectors on immunization issues which aims to accelerate the progress of poor countries in possibilities for children’s access to vaccination and to the range of vaccines available.

      The Alliance brings together, among other things, the technical expertise of WHO, the vaccine purchasing power of UNICEF and the financial know-how of the World Bank.
      It also incorporates research and development knowledge from vaccine manufacturers, the voices of developing countries, and major state and private donors such as the Bill and Melinda-Gates Foundation.

      https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/GAVI_Alliance ).

      With regard to big pharma and the behemoths of chemistry and agro-chemistry (which are linked to Big pharma):
      7 giants control the WHO, Johnson & Jonhson (USA) is the biggest contributor.
      For the others we have: Roche (Switzerland) – Novartis (Switzerland) – Merck & Co (USA) – Glaxo-Smithkline (United Kingdom) – Bristol-Myers Squibb (USA) – Sanofi (France) and Bayer.
      https://siksik.org/qui-finance-loms/ ).

      Since the swine flu of 2009, personalities from all sides have questioned the weight of “Big Pharma” lobbyists and private foundations in the decision-making and strategic orientations of the WHO. In order to advance and enrich this partnership in full transparency.
      So there is no comment on the WHO, which I have always qualified as a rogue organization under the boot of big pharma and certain governments.

      For the record:
      Big Pharma’s turnover in 2020 amounts to more than 450 billion USD.
      For 2021 it will be around double, if not triple (own observation).

      Can we afford to say that Bill Gates is the owner of WHO?
      We know the answer

      How do you want Big-WHO to work for our health?

      Think about it,

      I say this to our leaders, our leaders,
      our scientific committees and to all of us

      The heads of state of the so-called « advanced » countries  are complicit in these plots against « free » researchers, and this plays a role in our health.
      Their interests are to have percentages on the profits and a job after they leave power.

      To save their personality and their freedom, state governments must no longer allow Big Pharma, Big Data or OM to make the law.
      They must say stop.

      That Big pharma and big data forbid me to publish and that the WHO, contradicts what I say (moreover in all my articles concerning this pandemic, of which the measles vaccine can make us get rid of it).
      But the financial stakes are immense.

      Today vaccines are used whose effectiveness is mixed,
      or is immunity.

      Our solutions 

      Our solutions will have no resonance, because they are against Big Pharma and Big Data.

      They will be read, studied, well thought out, but will only take effect after the stocks of anti-CoViD vaccines have been used up, exhausted and the laboratory coffers will be well filled.

      The only solution is I wrote it in another of my articles: CoViD – 19 – The main is the essential – http://salimdjelouat.com/covid-19-le-principal-est-lessentiel/ – dated 03/03/2020 at 6.30 p.m. on my site:  »  salimdjelouat.com  « , that only the measles vaccine (MMR), can stop the spread of the virus and put an end to this pandemic, from which only the rich benefit and more specifically big pharma, big data and certain rulers (for whom they are preparing to leave key government positions).






      https://www.lemonde.fr/les-decodeurs/article/2020/06/24/est-il-vrai-que-bill-gates-est-proprietaire-d-une-partie-de-l-oms_6044030_4355770. html

      https://www.humanite.fr/loms-les-etats-ne-doivent-plus-l let-big-pharma-faire-la-loi-690841




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