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It is necessary to make love during the pregnancy, throughout the duration of the pregnancy.
If you are excited or if you feel like it, do not hesitate to go to your partners, without complexity or taboo.
And if the envy takes your partner to want to make love to you, leave it, help him and you find all your pleasure, all your satisfaction and you will be only happier, than happier, and c ‘Is the couple who is the winner.
It is not always easy to make love by being pregnant and all positions will not be advised.
The more the pregnancy advances (so the belly grows), the more the couple must look for new positions (perhaps even positions that he never practiced during his life as a couple).
I quote a few positions you can practice during pregnancy (ranked by their ease and looking for shared pleasure), but you can look for others and put into practice positions you yourself would have created:

1 – Andromaque – Andromache

This position remains quite interesting during pregnancy

2 – Le vol des mouettes – The flight of seagulls

Good position, the woman remains relaxed and does not get tired

3 – La positon de l’indolent – The position of the indolent 

It remains interesting because the woman maintains a position practically between that of being seated and that of standing

4 – La levrette – The doggy style

She remains advised in order to achieve orgasm and especially the woman feels really comfortable..
The position of « doggy style » offers the woman easy stimulations of the clitoris
She remains a position best suited to the third trimester of pregnancy.
However, this position should not be overused because it can sometimes cause painful pressures on the frontal wall of the vagina.
Alternate it with another position

5 – la cuillère ou la petite cuillère – the spoon or The little spoon

This is a variation of doggy style.
It is a classic, tender and above all comfortable position.
This position releases the weight of the belly, supports the uterus (which is often weighed down by the baby).
It can be practiced (in non-pregnant relationships) in women with a large stomach.

6 – L’union du lotus – The union of the lotus

Interesting enough to maintain eye contact, but can only be practiced if the belly is not very large.

7 – La balançoire –  the swing

It remains quite interesting, but can only be practiced if the belly is not too apparent.

8 – Le rêveur ardent –  The dreamer ardent  

Its aim is to seek the pleasure of man, can be practiced in the 8th and 9th month of pregnancy.
In sexual relations during pregnancy, cunnilingus and blowjobs are welcome.
Particularly in the case of cunnilingus, it is necessary to ensure that your partner does not expel air in your vagina, which could eventually block blood vessels, thus causing a danger either for the mother, For the baby, or for both.

Note well

Pregnancy may also be an opportunity for the couple to develop the preliminaries and allow their imagination to discover the bodies of the body and especially to incite the woman to this discovery.


Cutaneous sexual intercourse during pregnancy and in case of:

     – Placenta prævia, in this case all sexual relations can cause bleeding
     – Fissure of the pouch of water, in this case the sexual relation is deprecated, and it would be better to go to consult (consultation in urgency)
     – Repeated miscarriages
     – Bleeding (in this case it would be advisable to consult your doctor)
     – Uncontrolled or uncontrolled high blood pressure
     – Chronic disease (diabetes), sexual relations remain allowed, but controlled
     – In case of severe varicose veins around the vagina
     – In case of infectious diseases or genital infections (genital herpes, Chlamydia …) of your partner

     – Special case is interesting to know
The sperm of man contains prostaglandins (hormones that trigger birth), which promote the opening of the cervix and thus cause uterine contractions.

For this reason, women who are in the term of childbirth are advised to practice intense sexual intercourse in order to induce childbirth.
But it is advisable and always to causes of these prostaglandins, of the sexual intercourse in the women in case of risks of a premature delivery.

In any case, do not hesitate to ask questions and consult your doctor or midwife
In case of doubt, talk to your doctor.

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